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SuperStarz Music Video Camp


Teacher: Jeanette Airen


July 25-29

Monday - Friday; Half Day (9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm) or Full Day (9am-3pm)

Ages 5-14


HALF DAY - $150 per child

9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm

15-hours of camp time + 2 private 15-minute sessions + 1 performance

FULL DAY - $295 per child


30-hours of camp time + 4 private 15-minute sessions + 1 performance

Enrollment Max. 10 for the in-person session


In this week-long workshop, performers will get mini-private lessons to practice their solo. They will also work together to make a music video for a group song including singing and dancing. In addition to vocal technique, they will also learn performance skills such as, expressing emotion, microphone technique and stage presence. The music videos will be posted on YouTube to share with friends and family. All of the SuperStarz will perform their solos at the culminating performance.


All campers will need to spend time outside of camp time to practice their solo and group song.

Performance Schedule

July 30th 11:00am

Solo Song Selection for SuperStarz Camp

Solo songs can be ANY Disney or Pop song that is not on our group song list below.


Please let us know your child's solo song choices when registering for camp. This will allow us to prepare the music ahead of time and be ready to start with your child's private lessons on the first day of camp. Solo selections are on a first come first-served basis. If someone else has already requested your first choice, you will be given your second choice, etc. If all 3 of your song choices are already taken, you will be contacted by email to send in additional song choices. You will also be notified by email once your song choice is confirmed. If there are any inappropriate lyrics in your song selection, the lyrics will be changed at the camp director's discretion. All songs will be edited down to approximately 2-minutes.


Each child will perform 1 solo and 1 group song at the camp performance. Please see below a list of the group songs for each session. Group songs cannot be chosen as solos.


Please enter your solo song choices on the camp registration form. Once the song choices have been submitted they cannot be changed.

Group Songs


Hakuna Matata - Ages 5-9

Under The Sea - Ages 10-14


Dance Monkey (Tones & I) - Ages 5-9

Levitating (Dua Lipa) - Ages 10-14

*Lyrics will be changed if any songs contain lyrics that are inappropriate.

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