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Costumes, Props & Sets can be rented as a package for your full musical theater show or individually. Individual rentals being rented for outside productions or for other use will be charged the "Standard Rental" rate which can be anywhere between $20-$65 per costume depending on the costume. Individual costumes being rented for a Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio production will be charged at a discounted rate, usually between $10-$15 per costume. Package rentals are at a discounted rate from the individual "Standard Rental" rate. The rental period is for two weeks. A refundable security deposit is required for rental packages and individual rentals that are not being used for a Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio production. Discounted rates are available for non-profit organizations.


Package rentals can be delivered for an additional fee. The delivery rate is calculated based on the distance from our location. We will deliver up to 150 miles from our studio location; Westlake Village, CA


Individual rentals must be picked up from our location; Wesrlake Village


To reserve a show rental or individual rental email Jeanette at

All costumes from packages can be rented individually so long as they are not currently rented as a package.


More show rentals coming soon...

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