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6:00 - 7:00pm with Miss Bella


2:30 - 8:00pm with Miss Jeanette


2:30 - 3:30pm & 6:15-8:00pm with Mr. Francis

4:00-8:00pm with Miss Jeanette


2:30-8:00pm with Miss Jeanette



2:30- 4:00pm & 5:00-7:00pm with Miss Jeanette

We are now open for in-person and online private lessons.

Our private lessons are available for students ages 6 and up.


Lessons Available:



Beginning Piano

Beginning Ukulele

Beginning Guitar


Email or fill out our online registration form to sign up for private lessons.

For complete information about studio policies please visit the POLICIES & PRICING page on our website.


Join the Cast of "Elf Jr." – Our Next Kids' Musical Theater Production!


Calling all young performers! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming production of "Elf Jr." This heartwarming and delightful musical adaptation of the beloved holiday film is a perfect opportunity for young talents to shine on stage.


Step into the magical world of Buddy the Elf as he embarks on a journey to find his true identity and spread the joy of Christmas. With catchy songs, captivating choreography, and an enchanting story, "Elf Jr." promises to be an unforgettable experience for both cast members and audiences. Sign up now and discover the magic of musical theater.


For audition details, rehearsal schedules, and further information, visit the HOLIDAY MUSICAL page on our website




Shooting Stars Singing Class

with Miss Bella

(Ages 5-8)


Singing For Musical Theater Class

with Miss Bella

(Ages 9-12)



Fairytale Acting Class

with Mr, Francis

(Ages 6-10)


Film & Commercial Acting Class

with Mr. Francis

(Ages 10+)


LOL Improv Class

with Mr. Francis

(Ages 8+)



Pop Star Singing Class

with Miss Jeanette

(Ages 11+)

By audition only.

Class Descriptions 


4:00-4:45pm Shooting Stars Singing Class (ages 5-8) $17 per class, billed monthly

Teacher: Miss Bella

Designed specifically for young students, this class offers a fun and nurturing environment where budding singers can explore the foundations of vocal technique, discover the joy of performing popular hits, and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney songs. Through interactive exercises and games, students will learn to develop their voices in a healthy and sustainable way, laying the groundwork for their future singing endeavors. This class will have the opportunity to perform together and will also make fun music videos for the songs they learn.

4:45-5:45pm Singing for Musical Theater Class (ages 9-12) $20 per class, billed monthly

Teacher: Miss Bella

Unlock the magic of musical theater with our engaging and interactive Musical Theater Singing class! In this exciting course, young performers will embark on a journey to discover their inner Broadway star. This class combines vocal training, storytelling, and performance techniques to nurture your child's passion for the stage. Through a repertoire of beloved show tunes, students will learn to express emotion, build confidence, and develop essential vocal skills. Our Musical Theater Singing class offers a supportive and fun-filled environment where kids can let their creativity shine. Join us for a memorable journey into the world of musical theater, where dreams take center stage!



3:30-4:15pm Fairytale Acting Class (ages 6-10) $17 per class, billed monthly

Teacher: Mr. Francis

In this magical class, young students will step into the mesmerizing world of fairytales and embark on a captivating journey as they explore scripts and embody characters from their favorite stories. Get ready to unlock your imagination, develop acting skills, and bring beloved fairytales to life. Through a combination of storytelling, script exploration, character development, and performance, students will dive into the captivating realm of fairytales. They will discover the magic of live theater, learn acting techniques, and develop confidence in their artistic expression. Through acting exercises and improvisation, students will refine their physicality, voice, and expression, creating captivating and believable characters. Get ready to unlock the magic within and create unforgettable fairy tale moments together!

4:15-5:15pm Script To Screen Acting Class (ages 10+) $20 per class, billed monthly

Teacher: Mr. Francis

In this exciting and hands-on class, students will embark on a creative journey to write their own script and produce their very own TV show. This class is designed to foster teamwork, imagination, and practical skills in scriptwriting, storytelling, and television production. Students will work collaboratively in groups, utilizing their individual talents and ideas to develop a compelling and original script. The class will cover various aspects of scriptwriting, including character development, plot structure and dialogue. Once the script is finalized, students will learn acting skills to portray their character and start rehearsing the script to prepare for filming. By the end of the course, students will have successfully produced their own TV show which will be posted on YouTube for students to share with their friends and family.

5:15-6:15pm LOL Improv Class (ages 8+) $20 per class, billed monthly

Teacher: Mr. Francis

This class is designed to ignite imagination, develop spontaneity, and hone acting skills through the exhilarating art of improvisation. Through a series of engaging exercises, games, and scene work, students will develop their acting abilities, enhance their creativity, and cultivate the confidence to think and respond in the moment. Keep the laughs coming and join us in this exhilarating Improv Acting class, where students will think on their feet, say "Yes, And," and embark on a thrilling journey of theatrical exploration!


4:00-5:00pm Pop Stars Singing Class (ages 11+) By audition only. $160 for full term (October-December)

Teacher: Miss Jeanette

This class is designed to equip aspiring vocalists with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the field of pop music. Students will learn the fundamental principles of breath control, pitch accuracy, vocal range expansion, dynamics, phrasing, and more. Through a series of vocal exercises, warm-ups, and personalized coaching, students will develop the vocal skills necessary to convey the unique character and emotion of pop music. One of the highlights of this class is the chance to form a pop singing group with fellow students. Working as a team, students will learn how to blend their voices harmoniously, master group dynamics, and synchronize their performance skills. Through collaborative rehearsals and group exercises, students will discover the power of unity and the joy of creating music together.

(Email Jeanette at to schedule your audition.)

Lessons & Classes Location

Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio

1459 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Ste. C1

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Tips for Online Classes

Here are some tips to get the most out of your online lessons and classes:

  1. Only one person should be speaking/singing/play music at a time.

  2. If the student uses a playback track, it is best to have two devices—for example; online Video Chat on the computer, playback with the phone, or vice versa.

  3. The playback device should NOT be near the microphone of the video conference device. The further away, the better.

  4. Close other apps, windows, and devices that may be using your WiFi.

  5. If the connection is bad, we will hang up and call back to reestablish a better connection.

  6. The camera's position should allow for you to be close and be able to back up and stand up so you can see your upper body on the screen. It is best to have the camera at face height. If the camera is too low, the teacher will be looking up at the student on the screen making it difficult to determine the student's posture. Please make sure their is a light source in front of the student so their face is bright and their are no lights or open windows behind them, as this will make them look dark on the screen.

  7. Sometimes using headphones/earbuds clears up the audio connection.

  8. If the connection isn’t working. We will switch to audio chat.


Here is a helpful video that explains how to set the setting in Zoom to get the best sound quality for music. It makes a big difference and will make the quality of lessons much better.

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