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Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio offers one-day masterclasses for all aspects of performing arts from singing to acting to makeup and even social media. Learn from the best and grow to your star potential.


All health and safety guidelines will be strictly followed for all in-person lessons and classes. For a complete description of our COVID-19 preparedness plan, please visit the "Policies and Pricing" page and scroll down to the COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Additional Class Info section on the page.

The next Masterclass is...

Social Media Strategies for Performers

$40 per person

Ages 12+

(Participants under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.)

Thursday, August 18th 6:00-8:00pm PST

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To be seen in the entertainment industry these days, you have to have a social media presence. This masterclass is all about how to represent yourself on social media to gain attention and start building your followers and fan base.

Get tips from Alyssa D., one of Miss Jeanette's former students. She is a singer and actress and has over 105K followers on Instagram. Mark Murray will also be offering up tips. He is a guitar player and builds custom guitars with his company, Guitar Guts. He has over 33k followers on Instagram and over 20.3K subscribers on Youtube.

There will also be time for Q&A, so you can get all of your social media questions answered.

Attend in-person at our studio in Newbury Park or virtually via Zoom.

Register For Classes

Please fill out the registration form below. One form must be submitted for each participant. Once the form is received, you will be emailed a confirmation and an invoice for the class. The invoice must be paid to reserve your spot in the class. There are no refunds if you decide not to attend the class. Confirmation emails are sent out manually. Please be patient, it may take up to 48-hours for us to process your registration and send your confirmation email.

Masterclass Registration Form

I hereby release and hold harmless Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC, it’s directors, employees, instructors, guest instructors and volunteers from any and all claims, causes of action, suits or liability, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of, or in connection with, any loss, personal injury, death, or other damage that I may incur or suffer by reason or as a result of my enrollment or participation in classes, events, performances, and private lessons with Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC.  I expressly assume the risk associated with performing arts and all other events and programs and performances sponsored by Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC.  I certify that students listed above are in good health and capable of participation in all activities and classes. In an emergency, I authorize Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC to take such temporary measures as Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC deems appropriate. I hereby give permission to Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC to take photographs and/or videos of  students listed above that will become permanent/sole property of  Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC. I consent to the use of such materials for promotional purposes by Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC. I agree to pay my account in full when due. I also agree to pay any and all fees associated with the collection of any outstanding balances on my account. I understand that all tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. I understand that there are no credits or refunds given for missed classes. I understand that disruptive behavior (rude comments towards students, parents and Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC instructors, physical contact with other students, the lack of discipline during class, etc.) may require the instructor to dismiss a student from class. I agree to allow permission for any and all photos and videos taken from class time or any studio activity to be used by Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC for promotional purposes. I agree to abide by all Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio, LLC policies and will direct any comments or suggestions directly to the owner.

Thanks for registering.

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