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St. Jude's Halloween Plays


Thank you for volunteering to help make the costumes for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Halloween Play Festival! I really appreciate your help and I know the kids are all so excited to wear costumes for their plays. Below you will find directions on how to make each costume. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jeanette Airen Impala

Drama Director



3 Regular Ghosts

1 Ghost with lots of holes (Charlie Brown)

1 Dirty Ghost (Pig Pen)

We will be using the material from the ghost decorations as our sheets since they were a lot cheeper than actual sheets.


Step 1: Carefully remove the styrofoam from the inside of the ghost.


Step 2: Cut the brim off the white baseball cap and attach it to the inside of the white sheet material. You can attach it with glue or sew it in, whichever is easier. Make sure the eyes will be in the right place when worn. There will be more fabric in the front than in the back.


Step 3: Cut out the eyes and replace with black tulle so the student can see through it.


Step 4:  For the Charlie Brown Ghost, cut out circles of black felt and attach them all over the white ghost material to look like more holes.

Step 5: For the Pig Pen Ghost, make it look dirty. You can use brown markers to draw on the dirt or use any other method that works for you.


1 Dress

We will be adding Halloween ribbon to the dress to make it seem more Halloween themed.


Sew the ribbon along the seams of the dress (neckline, sleeve openings, bottom hem line). If there is extra ribbon, we will use it to tie around her waist since the dress will probably be a bit big on her.



1 Witch Hat with Cat Ears

Using hot glue, attach the ears to the front of the hat. 


3 Zombie T-Shirts

Please do not add any blood to the Zombie outfits. We are going to keep our shows gore-free.

Here is a video that shows how to make the Zombie T-shirts.



4 Mummie Shirts

4 Mummy Scarves

The kids will provide their own white pants so you only need to make the shirt.

Here is a website that explains how to make the shirts.

You can sew or glue the Creepy Cloth and  Tulle on to the shirts, whatever works best for you. I included the tea for dying but it might not be necessary... it's up to you.

For the scarf, we can use extra tulle and creepy cloth so just return any extra materials.


3 Boogie Men Outfits

3 Bookie Men Hats

Use the burlap sack for the outfits. 

Step 1: Cut a neck hole and hem the edge.

Step 2: Cut 2 arm holes and hem the edges.

Step 3: Draw stitches on the fabric with the sharpies.

(Our costumes will look a little different than the picture. The picture is just for inspiration.)

For the hats:

I ordered witch hats and more burlap fabric to make the hats but they have not arrived yet. I will let you know when those materials are ready to pick up from the office.

Step 1: Cut the brim off the witch hat.

Step 2 : Wrap the hat in burlap fabric and attach it with glue. Hot glue will probably work well.

Step 3: Cut out eyes from the black felt and glue them on to the hat.

Step 4: Draw stitched on the fabric with the sharpies.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 10.55.34 AM.png


3 Skeleton Shirts 

Here is a video that shows how to cut the shirts.


2 Ghost Costumes

We originally had 3 ghosts but now one of them can't attend the performance, so we only need 2 of these ghost costumes. There is extra gauze. If you end up not using it, please retune it to me and I will return it to the store.

Here is a website that explains how to make the ghost costumes. Please sew them together instead of using tape like it says on the directions. I don't think the tape would hold up through our rehearsals and shows.

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